Horse assisted personality development: trainings and business coachings

Development, experience, result



Objective: to reflect on one’s own leadership style, to develop authentic leadership skills, explicit leadership, leadership-oriented soft skills, respectful leadership, better teamwork, clear communication, recognize potential as a leader, situational leadership, self-guidance, self-image / external image reconciliation, strengths and Recognizing potential for development, building up self-confidence as a leader, lateral leadership, resolving conflicts confidently, delegating safely, appreciative leadership


Target GroupExecutives, junior managers, entrepreneurs, professionals without authority

Objective: teambuilding, reflecting and consolidating team structures, understanding team dynamics, increasing communication processes, recognizing own communication patterns, resolving conflicts in the team, strengthening acceptance in the team, clear communication in the team, recognizing individual and group needs, matching self-esteem perception, working authentically in a team Teaming up, identifying their own strengths and weaknesses and those of the team, harnessing them for the team, empowering team building, accelerating team building phases, increasing team productivity, mastering frustration situations

Target Group: Departments, Teams, Sports Teams, Families

Objective: Personality development, self-perception of others, recognizing strengths and developmental areas, reflecting and understanding one’s own behavior, reflecting and understanding one’s own communication, recognizing blockages, increasing self-esteem, increasing productivity, burnout prophylaxis, recognizing and understanding one’s own role in the team, coping with stress and frustration situations

Objective: to recognize and understand the optimal use of employees and of themselves in the change process, team building in the change process, to understand and master challenges and fears, to work out and consolidate common values

Target group: Managers, junior executives, employees

Objective: To communicate effectively, to communicate respectfully, to understand and convince people better, to reflect and understand one’s own style of communication, to communicate constructively, to uncover misunderstandings

Target group: Employees, professionals and executives and those who want to broaden their communication skills



The basis of the training and the coaching are life-oriented tasks and challenges from the professional and private environment of executives, employees or entire teams in the context of interactions between humans and horses.

This is about the authentic personality, the real beyond business cards, authority and masks. To be present in leadership of colleagues and to be self-governing. To values, not to learned or uncoiled. To break through beliefs without esotericism with a direct and immediate reaction of the body and the horse.

The sequence of tasks results from the interplay of experience and reflection. This process is supported by the interaction with horses. The training allows experiential learning. This guarantees a transfer into the working day.

You can expect:

  • a solid and co-ordinated training tailored to your needs
  • an active, eventful and unforgettable learning situation in a particular environment
  • a profound learning experience because of self reflection
  • practice-relevant individual and team-orientated exercises and reflection
  • results within the shortest time
  • an adventure
  • and much more


None. The work with the horses takes place exclusively on the ground.



Duration: as agreed

Costs: by arrangement

Location: Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Odernheim, 25593 Reher, France, Jamaica

Please contact us for information and pricing.